Science teacher asked pupil to translate ‘will you have sex with me’

General view of Our Lady's Convent High School in Amhurst Road

General view of Our Lady's Convent High School in Amhurst Road - Credit: Vickie Flores

A disgraced teacher from Our Lady’s Convent High School has been banned from teaching for life, after allegedly asking a pupil to translate “will you have sex with me” into Spanish.

Former assistant head of science at the Catholic comprehensive girls’ school in Amhurst Park, Jedidiah Pabifio, 40, who started working at the school in 2009, was dismissed for “gross misconduct” in April 2014.

But he went on to take a job at Bow School in Tower Hamlets last November, only resigning this January after the local authority got in touch with the school.

A professional conduct panel found last month that Mr Pabifio was guilty of unacceptable professional conduct”.

Mr Pabifio admitted he had been dishonest by co-operating with a newly qualified teacher to produce a reference and inaccurately naming him as head of science, despite the fact he was not.

In November 2014 he received a police caution for the criminal offence of making false representation to make gain for self or another, or cause loss to other/ expose other to risk.

But despite his denial of inappropriate conduct towards students, the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) panel upheld that in September 2013 he gave a student a lift home, offered her alcohol and cigarettes, and attempted to pay her £40 to meet him during lunch break the following day.

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In the same month, the panel also found he asked the same student to translate “will you have sex with me” from Spanish into English.

Allegations that Mr Pabifio asked another student to meet him at lunchtime in October 2013 were also found to be proven.

Both girls named as Pupil A and Pupil D gave evidence via videolink, and the panel found their evidence to be credible, and the panel rejected Mr Pabifio’s barrister’s allegations they may have colluded in their evidence.

The panel did not however uphold other allegations that the teacher touched a pupil on the bottom during an open evening, requested students’ Whatsapp numbers and invited them to a nightclub.

The NCTL report states: “The panel is satisfied that the conduct of Mr Pabifio was misconduct of a serious nature, falling significantly short of the standard of behaviour expected of a teacher.”

“The panel has judged that the fraud was at the lower end of the seriousness scale and that although Mr Pabifio acted inappropriately, there was no evidence of physical contact with pupils and his behaviour was not sexually motivated.”

Panel members found Mr Pabifio had been an “effective teacher” and had been affected by difficult family circumstances, and that he had “shown remorse” over his conduct.

He will have the opportunity to apply to have the ban lifted after three years.