Shacklewell students show off first aid skills

Pupils at a Shacklewell secondary school showed off their first aid skills at the House of Commons last week.

The year 11 and 12 students from Petchey Academy, Shacklewell Lane, visited the Houses of Parliament to support a British Red Cross campaign to make humanitarian education part of the national curriculum.

Called ‘Pupil, Citizen, Lifesaver’, the initiative aims to give every pupil in the UK the chance to learn first aid.

They spent the morning of May 10 bandaging up MPs after undergoing Red Cross first aid training.

The school, which specialises in health, care and medicine, was presented with the British Red Cross’ ‘Humanitarian Active School’ award at the event for completing four challenges, including first aid training, fundraising and community projects.

Petchey Academy head teacher, Olivia Cole, said: “It’s not just about saving lives. Youngsters will learn that being able to immediately help their mates goes beyond reducing pain, minimising distress and speeding up the recovery process before help arrives. It is also a noble and humanitarian act.”

Pupil Sajeda China, 15, used her training to help her dad when he cut his hand doing DIY at home. She said: “Leaning first aid has been amazing and has already had a great impact on me.”

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Classmate Phillippe Cato, 16, added: “Knowing that you could cope in an emergency or a crisis is really important and I hope other children get the chance to learn what we have been taught.”