Stoke Newington children celebrate Jewish Lag Ba' Omer festival

Simon Marks Primary School pupils learn archery to celebrate the Jewish festival Lag Ba' Omer.

Simon Marks Primary School pupils learn archery to celebrate the Jewish festival Lag Ba' Omer. - Credit: Simon Marks Primary School

As Covid restrictions ease after a difficult school year, pupils at a Stoke Newington school made the most of the outdoors by celebrating the Jewish festival of Lag Ba' Omer.

Simon Marks Primary school students celebrated the religious holiday on April 29 and 30 with an al fresco lunch and archery lessons. Pupils also created rainbow inspired artworks and learned more about the tradition and its values, of patience, respect and reading the Torah.

Assistant headteacher Zachary Jacobs said: "The children ate al fresco, feasting on flame grilled chicken and veggie burgers from a delicious barbeque, while enjoying the British sunshine.

"The pupils spent a lesson learning the techniques of archery, traditional for Lag Ba’ Omer, shooting arrows and hitting the fun bullseye."

Lag Ba' Omer honours the life of 2nd century Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and the ending of a plague which killed thousands of disciples of Rabbi Akiva, according to religious tradition. 

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