Evicted Finsbury Square Occupy protest moves to Shoreditch Park

The last anti-capitalist Occupy London camp set up camp in Shoreditch Park on Thursday, after tents and campers were removed from Finsbury Square earlier that day.

The camp had been set up as a spill-over 235 days previously for the anti-capitalist demonstration which began outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

At around 1am on Thursday, baliffs and around 200 police arrived to evict around 50 protesters and to clear more than 100 tents, after Islington Council obtained a High Court eviction order.

But activists vowed to continue the protest and have now set up around a score of tents just a mile up the road amongst the trees in the park off New North Road.

They have joined other activists from Nomadic Occupy who are demonstrating against homelessness and set up camp in Haggerston Park last month.

Park users were less than impressed.

One dog walker who did not wish to be named said the group was selfish because the park was meant for everyone’s use.

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“If they are really political they should go and live in a car park,” she said.

“Come on, we’d all like to live in the park.

“There are kids running through here every day and they’ll probably be pooing everywhere because there aren’t any toilets.”