Ex-paratrooper extradited from Afghanistan in court on Stoke Newington kidnap charge

A FORMER British paratrooper extradited from Afghanistan appeared in court on Saturday (September 11) over the kidnapping of two businessmen in Stoke Newington.

Anthony Malone, 38, of no fixed address, is accused of being paid to help abduct and assault two brothers in connection with an alleged property deal.

Mohammed and Haq Narwaz, were taken from Wilmer Place on April 20 2007 before being tied to chairs and assaulted.

Mohammed, 33, was hooded, stripped of his trousers and doused in alcohol to insult the teetotal Muslim.

He was threatened with a blow torch, hit across the head with a hammer and his head was flushed down a toilet.

Haq, aged 50 at the time, was also hooded and stripped and had an unidentified liquid poured over his head.

They were bundled into a van and driven around west and south London before being

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dumped in Chelsea on April 21, 2007 and treated in hospital for their injuries.

Mr Malone is as the first person ever to be extradited to the UK from Afghanistan, where he was in jail for fraud.

Despite serving his two year sentence, he was refused freedom by Afghan authorities until he had paid off alleged debts of $75,000.

More than 8,000 people joined a Facebook group to demand his release.

He flew back into Heathrow airport at 6am on Friday (September 10) where he was arrested and taken into custody at Stoke Newington Police Station.

It is alleged he fled to Afghanistan shortly after the kidnapping.

He appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Saturday charged with kidnap, false imprisonment and grievous bodily harm.

He was remanded in custody by District Judge Jane McIvor to appear before Snaresbrook Crown Court on November 16.