Fake wedding stunt at Hackney’s Land of Kings Festival

Love-struck couples and friends out for a laugh tied the knot in a mass fake-wedding to coincide with Wills’ and Kate’s real one.

Five couples got married in not-quite legally binding ceremonies performed by pseudo vicar, Reverend Clayton, at the Land of Kings festival in the Dalston Old Boys Club, in Boleyn Road, Stoke Newington.

Plum Bell, committeee member at the Dalston Darlings Womens’ Institute which was behind the stunt, said: “Everyone turned up in their fanciest of dresses and their best wedding garb, and had a really good time.

“We all got involved, and the feeling of the whole day was like you were really at someone’s wedding.”

Friends Emma Sutton and Henry Smithson made use of the fancy dress box before their wedding to grab a veil and top hat, and were given a marriage certificate afterwards.

“I proposed to him, I felt we were at the point in our relationship where I wanted to get really serious, I want kids and he’s not going to have kids with me unless we are married,” joked Emma.