Family Mosaic accused of ‘breaching values’

The group protesting about Family Mosaic

The group protesting about Family Mosaic - Credit: Archant

Housing association and charity, Family Mosaic, has been accused of backtracking on its core values for making four workers who support people with learning difficulties homeless and jobless.

The staff who are based in Hackney provide regular face-to-face contact to vulnerable adults, helping them with their health needs, daily living, mental health and benefits issues, and are provided with accommodation attached to their employment.

But now Family Mosaic has announced it is cutting this service, leading Unite the union and Digs, the Hackney renters group, to raise concerns vulnerable service users will not have their needs met.

They have pointed out the charity has £53 million in the bank in reserves, which they could use to find a better outcome for staff and service users.

Heather Kennedy from Digs said: “Family Mosaic is behaving like the worse kind of callous, money-grabbing private landlord – it’s sad to see such a large housing association abandon its integrity and concern for the well-being of its service users and staff.

“Family Mosaic claims to be dedicated to their customers and claim to have the ‘courage to do the right thing’.”

“They need to remind themselves of such values and get round the table with their staff and try and figure out a solution that benefits its clients instead of just the bottom line of its balance sheet.”

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Family Mosaic said the cuts are as a result of Hackney Council slashing its adult social care budget.

A spokesman added: “Additionally there is a need for the release of additional supported accommodation for people with learning disabilities within the borough. There is a shortage of self-contained housing for vulnerable people in the borough and this resource is critical.

“Local authorities and providers are facing significant financial pressure and it is no longer possible for us to offer free rented accommodation in exchange for a small number of support hours.”