Fears for children’s safety amid concerns urban foxes in Hackney are getting out of control

Residents have hit out at town hall bosses over fears urban foxes are getting out of control – one year after twins in Victoria Park were mauled as they slept.

Gill Pinch, 38, has been forced to keep her doors and windows shut because the animals climb inside her family home in Amhurst Road, Hackney Central.

She is even scared to let her two children, aged three and five, play in their garden because of the pests.

But the council has refused to take action.

“The foxes are huge and come in broad daylight and although they have not attacked I have had to scream at them to get them to leave,” said Gill, who works an office manager.

“I am really concerned for the safety of my children. I am appalled that after what happened to the twins in Victoria Park that Hackney Council are still refusing to take action.”

Lola and Isabella Koupparis, both nine-months old, were bitten in the arm and face by a fox which entered their parents’ home in Lauriston Road, South Hackney, last year. The attack sparked calls for councils to improve pest control.

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But solicitor Kevin O’Sullivan, of Foulden Road, believes the situation has got so bad that foxes even killed his cat. “It’s a problem that’s not just going to go away,” he said. “It’s out of control.”

William More, owner of Foxolutions, a humane fox control company, said the animals were more active at this time of year.

“As young foxes get older they are gradually getting bigger and bolder and are preparing fend for themselves. They will start to forage and come into areas where they haven’t before.”

A council spokesman said it did not offer pest control but advised residents to secure bins and fences.

For more information about deterring foxes, go to www.foxproject.org.uk or call 01892 826222.