Film about Chilean exiles aims to overcome stigma associated with refugees

Hora Chilena screens at Amnesty International this Saturday

Hora Chilena screens at Amnesty International this Saturday - Credit: Archant

The makers of a documentary about the torture and persecution victims who fled Chile 40 years ago to start anew, will discuss their film at the Amnesty International HQ in Shoreditch.

First generation exiles who moved to the university city following General Pinochet’s coup in 1973 are interviewed for Hora Chilena, which means Chilean Time.

They describe their harrowing experiences and the difficulty of adapting to an unfamiliar language and culture, but also the kindness of strangers.

But help came via groups like the Chilean Solidarity Campaign, trade unions, Cambridge colleges, university student unions and individuals, many of whom not only volunteered their time and resources to help the Chilean exiles settle in and move on with their lives, but adopted whole families.

Film maker Camila Iturra said: “We hope that by documenting the experiences of both the Chileans who settled here and the British people who made this possible, we are able to provide a human perspective on the debate about UK immigration at a time when the debate has become purely about faceless numbers.”

Film makers Camila Iturra, Lautaro Vargas and Kip Loades from Scapegoat Productions will discuss the film following a free screening at 3pm on Saturday December 14 at Amnesty International, New Inn Yard, Shoreditch.