Finsbury Park hotel criticise police after “highly intoxicated” woman left on their doorstep

Marilena Kambouri, manager of Queens Hotel of Seven Sisters Road, is upset after Hackney police left

Marilena Kambouri, manager of Queens Hotel of Seven Sisters Road, is upset after Hackney police left a drunk and aggressive woman at the hotel - Credit: Archant

A hotel popular with tourists has lashed out at police after officers dropped a “highly intoxicated” woman on its doorstep on Wednesday.

Police allegedly refused to take the woman away after leaving her at the Queens Hotel in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, where she had been booked in for the night by housing association Places for People.

Hotel manager Marilena Kambouri said: “We are a small hotel and we have standards to keep. Our guests are mainly tourists.

“The police came to reception and said they had a booking for a lady. We questioned why they were bringing her in a police car. They told us she had been chucked out by a neighbouring branded hotel.

“They indicated she was trouble. When we asked her why they had brought her belongings, rather than coming in a taxi, they said they just wanted to help her.”

Despite staff telling police that they did not want her to stay and calling Places for People to cancel the booking on the grounds that the hotel had been unaware she was a social housing tenant, officers left the woman and her belongings.

Ms Kambouri continued: “She stank of alcohol, was highly intoxicated and started being aggressive and banging on the front door. She was also verbally abusive and damaged the outdoor plants. We locked the front door as we were scared.

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“She sat outside the entrance and nobody could come in or out. She made our hotel look bad.

“Instead of making London safe, police are making it unsafe by leaving people like this on doorsteps.

“Why are we paying the police if they can’t make our streets safer? It took two hours and six police officers to drop her off and remove her from the hotel.

“Instead of tackling a problem, they created one.”

A Hackney police spokesman said they dropped the woman off at the hotel as she had told them she was staying there.

She said that officers were then called to the hotel following reports of a woman making a nuisance and took her to a friend’s house.

A Places for People spokesman said: “We do apologise for any confusion caused. The customer is not homeless and was booked into temporary accommodation after a fire in her home.

“We are now repairing the fire damage to her property and in the meantime have secured alternative temporary accommodation in the area.”