Finsbury Park neighbourhood adds a feel good soundtrack to Clap for our Carers applause

A rainbow over Hoxton. Picture: Naomi Clark

A rainbow over Hoxton. Picture: Naomi Clark - Credit: Naomi Clark

A Finsbury Park neighbourhood has been blasting 60s and 70s feel good tunes through their streets every Thursday night to accompany the thunderous weekly clap for our carers heard across the nation.

Finsbury Park’s mutual aid group first got the idea to add a feel good soundtrack to the applause on April 9. About 500 members agreed to broadcast the late Bill Withers’ track Lean on Me from their doorsteps and windows.

Group member Kara Mukerjee told the Gazette: “It was both a tribute to the late great Bill Withers, but also naturally a tribute to our wonderful NHS & community.”

Since then they have played pertinent classics like James Taylor’s You Got A Friend and Joe Cocker’s With A Little Help From My Friends.

This week (May 7) residents will be clapping to All You Need is Love by the Beatles.

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“It was a great hit and the whole neighbourhood has decided to take it forward over the coming weeks,” said Kara.

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