Finsbury Park toddler death: Strangers raise thousands for grieving mum

Gabriel and Maria Datcu. Picture: Florentina Ilie

Gabriel and Maria Datcu. Picture: Florentina Ilie - Credit: Archant

Strangers have donated thousands of pounds to help the mum whose family was ripped apart by a hammer attack in their Finsbury Park home.

Cristinela Datcu’s son Gabriel, two, was killed in the horrific incident late on March 18, while his twin sister Maria was left with life-changing injuries.

Bidhya Sagar Das, the children’s father, has been charged with murder and attempted murder and is set to appear at the Old Bailey on June 10.

Meanwhile Cristinela’s friend Florentina Ilie has launched a £10,000 fundraiser to pay for Gabriel’s funeral and help her look after Maria, who was released from hospital on Good Friday and is “improving”.

“Cristinela is devastated,” Florentina told the Gazette. “It’s hard for her to comprehend being home with just one child.

“Maria still has issues with her health but she’s improved, she’s home. Her whole left side is affected for now, she has a special boot for her left leg and she still has issues with her left eye.”

So far more than £5,500 has been raised, and Florentina says Cristinela has been overwhelmed by the support.

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“When I set it up Maria’s

health was uncertain,” Florentina continued. “She was in critical condition and we didn’t know if she would make it. We said

£10,000 because we didn’t know the costs for a funeral and to be

honest we never expected to raise this much.

“Cristinela is overwhelmed reading the messages of support. She appreciates the generosity and never thought it would raise so much money.”

Florentina said an undertaker has kindly waived his fee for Gabriel’s funeral, meaning most of the money raised can help Cristinela rebuild her and Maria’s lives.

“She’s obviously not back at work yet and we don’t know when she can return because of Maria’s health,” Florentina added. “They have got to buying everything again and start all over.

“Cristinela used to buy matching clothes for the twins and can’t put Maria in them anymore, and she had a double buggy – now she needs a single one.”

Gabriel’s body was released on Friday and the family is now preparing for his funeral.

You can donate to the crowdfunder here.