Fire crew stop vehicle fire spreading to neighbouring cars on De Beauvoir estate

Fire crews from Kingsland fire stop car fire in De Beauvoir

Fire crews from Kingsland fire stop car fire in De Beauvoir - Credit: sub

Brave firefighters tackled a burning car yesterday and prevented the blaze from spreading to neighbouring vehicles.

Around 10 crew and two engines from Kingsland fire station attended the incident at De Beauvoir Estate on Barns Road around 4.40pm yesterday.

Watch Manager Mick Gibbs said: “We attended a vehicle fire in a yard on De Beauviur Estate which damaged four vehicles altogether.

“Fortunately, we got there quickly and managed to contain the fire to one vehicle and stopped it spreading.

“One car was badly damaged while the other three were only slightly damaged.”

Mr Gibbs said the fire was under investigation but could possibly have been caused by over-heating.

Kingsland Fire station is under threat of closure. If the fire station is closed, De Beauvoir residents would have to wait an extra three minutes for a fire crew to reach them.

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