First Hackney resident receives Covid-19 vaccine

A doctor injects a vaccine into Josephine Casey's arm.

83-year-old Josephine Casey was the first person in Hackney to receive a coronavirus vaccine. - Credit: Sean Pollock

An 83-year-old Haggerston woman just made history as the first Hackney resident to receive a coronavirus vaccine. 

Doctors, nurses, volunteers and patients cheered as Josephine Casey, 83, became the first person in the borough to receive the vaccine on December 16. 

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Josephine moved to the area 30 years ago and previously worked as a council housing officer.

She said: “I feel marvellous about getting the vaccine today. I've been encouraging my friend to get it too – she eventually agreed and is coming tomorrow.

 "I think it is important for us to get the vaccine, we’ve got another few years left in us yet."

Doctor speaks with patients about the coronavirus vaccine.

John Parker, 81, from Haggerston was the second person to receive the vaccine, from Dr Anna Pilkington. He said: "I’m not scared about getting the vaccine at all – I've had my flu injection, so this is fine.” - Credit: Sean Pollock

A doctor prepares a vaccine for a patient.

Dr Shaine Mehta, local GP. - Credit: Sean Pollock

The octogenarian was vaccinated by Dr Shaine Mehta, a local GP. 

A patient arrives at Hackney's first coronavirus vaccination centre

Valerie Adams, 85, arrives for her coronavirus vaccination. - Credit: Sean Pollock

He explained why he wanted to help with the vaccination effort:  “It feels great to vaccinate our first patients today. 

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"It is such a milestone in our battle against Covid-19, and we are also one of the first sites in London to be vaccinating.

"I would encourage people to get vaccinated when they are asked to do so – if people are worried by some of the vaccine myths out there, then you can always call up your GP or speak to a medical professional who can help alleviate your concerns.” 

Hackney was chosen as one of the first 100 vaccination sites to open in the UK this month.

NHS staff prepare to administer the coronavirus vaccine

1,000 people will be vaccinated over the next four days at Elsdale Street Surgery. - Credit: Sean Pollock

Mrs Patel wears a mask and receives her coronavirus vaccination

Mr Manubhai and Mrs Kamuben Patel, 91, from Hackney Central, were brought in by their son Ashwin who was grateful to see his parents getting protected. He said: “This is the best thing that has happened all year. I hope everybody takes it as it protects everyone." - Credit: Sean Pollock

People over the age of 80 and frontline health and social care workers are the first in line to get the jab.

A patient arrives at Hackney's first coronavirus vaccination centre

Valerie Adams, 85, arrives for her coronavirus vaccination. - Credit: Sean Pollock

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Hackney's mayor Phil Glanville stands with local volunteers and NHS staff outside Hackney's first coronavirus vaccination...

Hackney's mayor Phil Glanville thanked NHS staff and local volunteers for the work they did to get the borough's first coronavirus vaccination centre up and running in only two weeks. - Credit: Sean Pollock

Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville, visited the centre with Cllr Chris Kennedy, Hackney's cabinet member for health, adult social care and leisure.

Mayor Glanville said it was "a hopeful day": “I would like to thank all of the NHS staff and local volunteers who have managed to set this centre up in only two weeks." 

Residents will be sent a letter with information on how to receive the vaccine and are asked not to contact the NHS about getting the jab. 

Information on the vaccine is available at    

Next year, two further vaccination centres will be set up in the borough. Learn more at