Forget Essex, Chelsea and Newcastle - The Only Way is Dalston?

Shoreditch magazine’s story gets Twitter tongues wagging - but would-be fans could be disappointed as signs point to a hoax

Forget Essex, Chelsea and Newcastle – Dalston could be the only way to go if reports about a new reality TV documentary are true.

Twitter has been buzzing with rumours since yesterday (Wednesday) following a story published by Shoreditch-based culture magazine Vice.

It claimed to have attended a casting call for a new MTV show dubbed The Only Way is Dalston in the vein of hit series Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore.

Among the hipster hopefuls apparently quoted and pictured was 27-year-old K-Tron, a musician, artist and fashion writer.

She said she should be on the show because she was “radical”.

“I’ve got ideas. I’ve got things to say! And if I end up having a platform from which I can express those ideas then that’s great.”

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A job advert appeared on online community Craigslist dated September 27 calling for “artists, musicians, writers, designers, and all-round free-thinkers” in east London to audition for a TV documentary.

And the show became a hot talking point online.

“The Only Way is Dalston sounds awesome, bring it on,” said Twitter user Paul Mortimore.

But Russell Dean Stone said: “I cannot believe MTV are making The Only Way is Dalston. I am leaving the country bye.”

But would-be fans may well be disappointed after an MTV spokesperson denied all knowledge of the programme when contacted by a free newspaper.

MTV is yet to reply to the Gazette’s inquiries.

However, photographer Louie Banks, who features in Vice’s story, denied any involvement online yesterday.

“HAHAHA Just to let you know I would never audition for a program like that,” he posted on Twitter.

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