Get on your bike: Free cycle repair clinic opens at St Thomas’s church

The bike repair clinic at St Thomas' Church. Picture: Derek Mullan

The bike repair clinic at St Thomas' Church. Picture: Derek Mullan - Credit: Derek Mullan

Get your bike fixed for free at the new Dr Bike clinic which has recently opened at St Thomas’s Church in Upper Clapton.

In order to keep running during lockdown, it has now moved location and cyclists must book a spot online.

Derek Mullan, who runs the clinic said he hoped that “the project will provide local residents with the confidence and knowledge to get cycling and keep cycling”.

The clinic has since helped 80 residents.

“A broken bike is an obvious barrier to cycling,” Mullan explained, and “there was a clear demand from the local community to keep cycling through lockdown”.

The project was supported by investment from Cycling UK and the Big Bike Revival, allowing them to offer repairs to residents for free.

The clinic has opened as part of the Liberty Hall renovation project instigated by Clapton Commons, a community-led neighbourhood network.

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