Opinion: Ignore people and keep safe

How will Steve Allen get his cash during the coronavirus outbreak.

How will Steve Allen get his cash during the coronavirus outbreak. - Credit: Steve Allen

While the COVID-19 situation is worrying we shouldn’t panic. The panic could be worse than the disease.

As an introvert some of the advice we're being told is really good to hear. We're being told to avoid hugging. Yes please. I have struggled with that for years. People you have met maybe once before greet you with open arms like you are a long lost sibling. I feel like a cat in a Pepé Le Pew cartoon struggling to get out of their arms.

We are also told to avoid leaving the house to go to places with lots of people. That sounds like my ideal weekend.

Some people are also avoiding anyone who has recently come back from Tenerife. I already do but mainly for fear of having to sit through the holiday photos.

Not all of the advice is good for us introverts. I read that we should avoid touching things in public that ill people may have touched. Three hours I was at that pelican crossing by Pembury Circus. I suppose I could have asked someone to help but, you know, I'm an introvert. The advice I read said, 'Do not use your finger to press buttons.' I cannot tell you what I used instead but I can tell you I am now not legally not allowed within 50 yards of that ATM.

I had to change my PIN number to 7899. I couldn't reach the higher up rows.

It's good that we are washing our hands and covering our mouths when we cough. It's nice that we are thinking about not spreading an illness we may have. I only hope that when COVID goes the way of SARS, MERS, bird and swine flu, we still keep up with these basic manners that we never should have forgotten in the first place.

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