Gazette letters: Burger Bear, drinks for EU, and Haggerston Park

Tom Reaney says he has had a 'dark year'. Picture: Thomas Bowles Photograph

Tom Reaney says he has had a 'dark year'. Picture: Thomas Bowles Photograph - Credit: Archant

After reading your article [Gazette, June 9] about the troubles faced by backers of Burger Bear, I have to say I’m a little confused, writes Richard H, Shoreditch (full name and address supplied).

I don’t understand why they felt they couldn’t get their rewards from Tom Reaney. I’m sure Tom’s communications about rewards could’ve been better, but he had invited people to come to a venue on multiple occasions – including in the impassioned video you mentioned – and they didn’t! I went to the Old Street venue and got mine no problem.

Being a long-term supporter of Burger Bear, I happily gave my £150. Even after Red Market fell through I knew Tom wouldn’t stop until his dream of opening a venue in Shoreditch was realised!

The accusations made against him did nothing to help the situation. It seems the backers forgot Kickstarter is a way of supporting businesses on their road to achieving something great but that, like any other investment, there are no guarantees. The fact Tom managed to open three venues across London amid all the negativity he received, especially from people who were supposedly his supporters, shows real grit and determination.

As Tom has tattooed on his arm... “Love is the message!”

The EU referendum is a topic that has gripped Hackney – we can see flags and posters all along our street Broadway Market, writes Kate Stirzaker, owner, The Dove, Broadway Market.

As such, the pub I run, The Dove, will be staying open all night on June 23 to show the results and analysis.

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The Dove has always been a place for community and conversation. We are expecting a night of friendly debate and discussion.

We have extended our licence to 5am, although we may close earlier if the results are clear.

To keep the noise down in consideration of our neighbours there will be no entry after midnight.

The referendum is already big topic of conversation in the pub. This is an incredibly important decision and we wanted to provide a place for people to come together and share the experience.

Hackney Council are trying to build on land in Haggerston Park (Gazette, June 9) and Londoners and locals should oppose it, writes A Hackney resident, name and address supplied.

Audrey Street Yard is currently used for a community growing project and BMX training. The council wants to put a temporary school there for six years – that’s not temporary.

Last time they put a school there, it was for one year for 180 kids. This time it’s for six years for 540 kids.

What about those poor kids travelling across the borough to be cooped up in four storeys of portacabins?

Last time they promised to put it back to parkland. They did not do so even though it’s a listed conservation area.

This is one of the most densely populated parts of England with thousands more moving in every year.

We must keep our parks. Once they are gone we will never get them back!