Gazette letters: Climate change, car clubs and general election

Greenpeace volunteers were at both Broadway Market and Columbia Road Market over the weekend.

Greenpeace volunteers were at both Broadway Market and Columbia Road Market over the weekend. - Credit: Archant

Greenpeace volunteers were in Broadway Market and Columbia Road Market at the weekend, writes Hackney Greenpeace.

They found 72 per cent of the people surveyed said they supported government action on climate change even if it had a negative impact on their own lives.

Having read the letter by Oliver from Newington Green in Friday's edition of the Gazette regarding the closing of a car park being no bad thing, writes Mr J E Kirby, Clissold Crescent, Stoke Newington.

I notice that he says that some people genuinely need the use of a car and then goes on to say why not join a car club instead.

I would like to ask where are these so-called car clubs actually located? He also says they can be parked almost anywhere in the borough.

I can possibly enlighten Oliver. Outside Avon House, we have space for approximately five cars, at the moment we have a largish van which appears to no have not moved for days or even a couple of weeks or more.

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Also, we have a space which is clearly marked 'car club use only' on the road and also a pole sign stating this on the pavement.

Only one small problem, this space, as far as I remember, has not seen nay occupation by a club car for weeks so where is this mysterious club car, is it in hiding or is it invisible to the naked eye?

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I have lived here for just over 12 years and have rarely seen a club car of any description on this specific space for use.

So why is this space designated for such use when it appears to never be occupied? Possibly having access to a club car is a useful thing but when it is never there, how can it be used?

It is always worth remembering that it is always possible that you may need a car at short notice to get somewhere ie Christmas Day when believe it or not, the only transport available is either the private car or possibly a taxi if available at no doubt a premium rate because of the day.

Having said that, I can remember driving down to my cousin's at Wootton Bassett on a Christmas morning and driving through London to get to the M4. Traffic would be light compared to a normal day and on my home, as I passed Heathrow Airport in the evening,

I would see quite a stream of aircraft coming in to land.

I often wondered how the people on these planes got from the airport, remembering of course there would not be a service on either the Piccadilly Line into London, the mainline connection or even the airport bus as all these services shut down earlyish on Christmas eve and don't come back into service until Boxing Day or later.

I can't help noticing when reading the Metro free paper on a Friday that often our underground network seems to be a Monday to Friday rather than a seven day week service due to engineering works etc.

Often it appears that 50per cent of the underground network is out of service for this reason.

I appreciate that maintenance work has to be done but when you get three or more lines sharing some common track then no wonder people use their cars so often.

I did not expect an immediate reaction to my last letter but it is possible the silly children will force a general election and I am sure it will be bad for the Labour Party if the whole sorry business emerges during the general election campaign as it surely will, writes Christopher Sills, Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill.

Labour will be well advised to force the resignation of the members of the ward concerned so that it is old news by the time the general election is announced. The silly children by preventing Britain leaving the European Union on March 29, 2019 have done far more damage to Britain than the decision to leave the European Union by the electorate ever did.

The latest problems caused by the low pound due to Brexit is the attempted takeover of four good British companies by overseas buyers using the cheap pound to inflate the cash paid to shareholders. Sadly the City Institutions will take the money and run, because most cannot resist a short term profit in spite of claims to the contrary. The most serious is Merlin Entertainment which has the potential to cause problems because it is a world entertainment giant headquartered in Britain. The debt taken on will cause it to gradually decline and in about 50 years time the company's assets will have been sold off. Less serious are Entertainment One and Cobham but again British jobs will be lost. The fourth is Greene King Plc where the job losses are likely to be severe and immediate. I hope shareholders will reject the offers but if not I hope the silly children will be ashamed of themselves but they are only interested in us being a German colony.

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