Gazette letters: London Fields roads, Calais convoy, councillor’s questions and register to vote

Brenda Puech, Hackney Living Streets

Brenda Puech, Hackney Living Streets - Credit: Archant

We are disappointed and puzzled by the council’s decision in relation to the proposed London Fields filtering scheme consultation report, writes Brenda Puech, Hackney Living Streets.

We feel a decision to go for option four, which provides width restrictions on Middleton Road, would be a perverse one by the council given that among Hackney residents, option one had the highest level of overall support at 44 per cent compared with only 39pc for option four.

When you look at first preferences, 44pc of all respondents chose option one, compared with only 10pc who chose option four. Even 26pc of those within the catchment area gave it the highest ranking, compared with 12pc for option four.

We feel width restrictions on a single street will not deal with motor traffic levels, speeds and pollution in the area, and will do little to make the neighbourhood better for cycling and walking.

We have seen how width restrictions in Lansdowne Drive and Victoria Park Road have done nothing to reduce motor traffic levels and speeds, and only create pinchpoints for cyclists. They do nothing to assist pedestrians cross the road.

The majority of respondents to the consultation clearly wanted some measure taken to deal with motor traffic levels in the area.

It is very disappointing to see the council’s response to do virtually nothing.

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Just two days before our convoy to Calais, please come to this benefit gig in Stoke Newington [June 16, Mostart Cafe, 86, Stoke Newington High Street, 8pm], write Hackney Stop the War.

Local legendary band the Mysterious Wheels will be putting on a fantastic gig of blues, country and rock and roll and I’m sure those of you who have had the pleasure know that this is a fantastic night out. So you can help raise some much needed funds and spread some solidarity? Please spread the word and see you there.

Can we put three questions in Sophie Linden’s new in-tray? [Hackney’s Cllr Linden was made deputy mayor for policing last week – ed], write Mary Pimm and Nik Wood, Gore Road, Hackney.

Can you please rein in Mayor Khan’s enthusiasm for guns? His first act was to visit the firearms unit, to increase it by 400 officers and to launch Viper squads to set up armed road blocks in crime hotspots like Hackney. This Wyatt Earp approach to policing is more than just putting our city on a war footing. It is a recipe for shoot-outs on the street and summary execution for the crime of driving while black.

Can you please restore the independence and effectiveness of the Independent Custody Visitor Panels? Lord Scarman’s vision for them in his report on the Brixton Riots has been systematically diluted by Independent Mayor Livingstone and Tory Mayor Johnson.

And can you please just write off the water cannon? Their only use is to disperse static crowds like demonstrations. They’d just be another target for mobile rioters.

The biggest vote for a generation will take place on June 23, but our community here in Hackney is among the worst registered in the country, writes John Page, Head of Organising, HOPE not hate.

Unless you have already had a polling card for the EU referendum, you need to register before Tuesday or you won’t have a say.

We hosted a “Suffragette revival” on the steps of the Town Hall in the run-up to the deadline. Women were dressed as Suffragettes, wearing purple sashes, and carrying slogans calling on people to register.

Hackney suffered the worst drop-off of voters in the country when Individual Voter Registration was brought in. Since December 9,000 people have been added to the register, but an estimated 40,000 are still missing. These will be disproportionately young people, particularly students, those in private rented accommodation and people from a number of ethnic minorities.

Register to vote before midnight on Tuesday