Gazette readers back Hackney councillor over Facebook attack

Private comments on a personal site no concern for residents.

A COUNCILLOR who berated pub staff on the internet has received overwhelming support from Gazette readers.

Cllr Louisa Thomson, Stoke Newington Central ward, tore into staff of The Scolt Head pub in Culford Road, De Beauvoir, on her personal Facebook page, branding them ‘w*****s’.

An anonymous person forwarded the Gazette an image of the page and questioned whether this was appropriate behaviour for someone making decisions about bars and pubs on Hackney Council’s licensing committee.

Andrew Boff, GLA member, called for the 29-year-old to stand down from the committee in light of her views but readers swatted away these demands and backed the ‘wonderful councillor’ saying she should not be attacked for comments made privately.

N16Fan said: “I find it shocking that private comments can be reported in such a way, this is more News of the World than Hackney Gazette.

“What a shame to attempt to darken the character of a wonderful councillor who (through personal knowledge) works so hard and competently for the people she represents on her ward.”

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Innocentabroad said: “This story really does mark a new low for the Hackney Gazette; mindlessly regurgitating the press release of a failed Tory politician.

“A 29 year old woman has a bad experience in a pub and reports it on her facebook page.

“If that’s a resigning offence we may as well all give up and go home. The last time Andrew Boff tried to get elected to Hackney Council he came seventh, yes - seventh.

“The voters of Queensbridge clearly didn’t take his pathetic brand of political sniping seriously, and neither should the readers of the Hackney Gazette.”

Textpat78 said: “This type of Swiftboat politik is something that should turn the stomach of any reader of any political slant.

“The off the cuff comment was clearly meant for private consumption by Cllr Thompson’s friends as it was on her private Facebook account.

“For it to be used as some sort of political ping pong ball by Andrew Boff is just the type of sad playground politics one has come to expect from Hackney Tories.

“All people, including elected officials, have the right to privacy and the freedom of expression and this is a blantant violation of both.”