General Woodwork Supplies in Stoke Newington shuts after 67 years

A DIY shop in Stoke Newington High Street closed its doors to the public for the very last time on Saturday, after 67 years of business.

Brothers Michael and David Cohen are winding up General Woodwork Supplies, which was opened by their parents Harry, who is deceased, and Dora, who is still active in the company aged 99.

“Everybody in Hackney who has done any DIY will know this jewel of a shop, they are polite courteous extremely knowledgeable,” said loyal customer John Rowley.

“Michael and David Cohen and their colleagues always consider the task you face, however trivial, with genuine interest, offer brilliant advice and produce what you need from their vast and magical emporium,” he added.

“Their longevity surely makes them unique here in Hackney and probably nationally, but their unfailing courtesy and practical wisdom are inestimable.”

“It’s as upsetting for us as for our customers who do rely on us for our commodities,” said Michael Cohen who was born the shop opened and who began working there full aged 14.

“We’ve offered them advice, guided them through projects from minor cupboard making to structural building projects and hopefully we’ve been able to offer them a respectable price.

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“I won’t go into any politics, but retail high street trading is on the decline and we’ve noticed it becoming more difficult to sustain the overheads.

“The opportunity arose for the freehold property to be sold and as everyone is well over the age of retirement we’re going to call it a day,” added Michael, who plans to take his first holiday in two decades.