Girl’s wish to ‘delete’ sadness appears on charity single

Singer Beatie Wolfe at Sebright school

Singer Beatie Wolfe at Sebright school - Credit: Archant

A singer visited a Hackney school to launch her charity single and meet the little girl whose wish for sadness to be “deleted” from the world appears on the track.

Niamh Hand, 10, from Sebright School, is one of just 10 children chosen out of 20,000 entrants to feature on Beatie Wolfe’s single Kids Wish for the World.

Sales will benefit the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s Childline and Warchild, a charity for children living in the world’s most dangerous war zones.

Beatie went to Niamh’s school in Audrey Street, Haggerston, to play pupils her song on the day of its release.

Niamh submitted her “number one wish for the world” in a competition on children’s social media platform PopJam, which received a staggering 20,000 entries over two days.

Beatie said: “The intention behind this project was to put out a very positive message about the changes our next generation wishes to see in the world.

“I chose Niamh’s wish for sadness to be deleted like a sentence on the computer because of its poetic quality.

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“I loved the idea of pressing the delete key on all sadness.”

She added: “Last year was particularly devastating to the lives of many children around the world.

“I was amazed by the insight and thoughtfulness about the current state of affairs by the many kids who entered the competition, and how they would do things differently.

“It was incredibly moving.”

Beatie also spoke to the children about staying safe while using the internet, to mark Safer Internet Day this week.

“Technology is such a big part of kids’ lives and I think it’s vitally important they can enjoy the positive aspects of it safely and creatively,” she said.

The single is on sale via iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers.