Green light for ‘cycle superhighway’ trial in Hackney

Dozens of people who live in the Wordsworth Road area oppose the plans. (Picture: Ed Gyurko).

Dozens of people who live in the Wordsworth Road area oppose the plans. (Picture: Ed Gyurko). - Credit: Archant

Controversial plans to trial a traffic reduction scheme on Hackney’s “cycle superhighway” have been announced despite strong opposition from neighbours – including a GP surgery.

Transport for London (TfL) has published a report in response to the consultation on plans for the Wordsworth Road area of the CS1 route.

Despite only 49 per cent of the 486 people who responded supporting or “partially supporting” the plans, Hackney Council and TfL have decided to plough ahead with a trial.

The idea is to stop vehicles passing through three junctions; Wordsworth Road, Matthias Road and Boleyn Road; Wordsworth Road and Bennett Road; and Salcombe Road and Truman’s Road.

One effect of the plans is anyone from the north side of the area having to take a detour to access the roads on the other side of Wordsworth Road.

Dr Milan Gangola, of Barrett’s Grove Surgery, was one of the main opponents of the scheme and his practice submitted 173 responses from patients and staff. He told the Gazette they were “very unhappy” with the report. “It is unjust and unfair on the people who live on the north side who need dropping off or are in wheelchairs,” he said. “I don’t think they have taken into consideration the older and most vulnerable patients or the fact primary care is an essential public service. They say the detour is only two minutes but in reality it’s not.”

TfL will immediately start work on the 18-month trial, the first six of which will serve as a consultation.

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Bosses acknowledged the concerns about potential negative impacts but said the scheme would make the area a “safer, quieter and cleaner place to live, walk and cycle.” TfL will also work with Hackney to monitor the impact of traffic displacement to nearby roads.