Greenpeace Stormtroopers invade Old Street for Volkswagen protest

Activists dressed as Stormtroopers invaded Old Street to protest against Volkswagen’s environmental record.

Climbers had installed spoof billboards on the roundabout - London’s largest advertising space - in the early hours.

They showed evil warlord Darth Vader branded with a VW sign alongside the slogan, ‘Volkswagen. The Dark Side.”

The stunt followed the launch of a film mocking Volkswagen’s popular online advert featuring a mini Darth Vader.

Campaigners are angry about the company’s alleged attempts to stall new environmental laws, and failure to reduce fuel consumption and introduce low-carbon technology quick enough.

Activist Emma Gibson said: “Volkswagen has spent millions on its new advert, using children and Star Wars iconography to persuade the public that it’s a responsible company. It was a stunningly successful advert, so VW can hardly complain if we now turn its own tactics back on the company to shine a light on its poor environmental record.”

A spokeswoman for Volkswagen said the company was “surprised” by the protest, pointing out that it had cut carbon emissions in its new fleet by more than 13 per cent.

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“The Volkswagen Group is spearheading technology among the world’s volume carmakers.”