This week 60 years ago: Gretna Green bride’s mother appeals for her return

The Gazette 60 years ago

The Gazette 60 years ago - Credit: Archant

The mother of a runaway Gretna Green bride appealed to her daughter to return home, this week 60 years ago.

The mother told her 19-year-old daughter through the Gazette that she was "ready to forgive and forget". Her daughter had married a Hackney man in the Scottish town.

Gretna Green is famous for weddings, following the 1754 Marriage Act which prevented couples under the age of 21 marrying in England or Wales without their parent's consent. As it was still legal in Scotland to marry, couples began crossing the border and their first stop was Gretna Green.

The couple said they ran away because they did not think the bride's mother would give them permission to wed.

But her mother said her daughter just walked out of the house one morning "as though she was going to work".

"I haven't see her since. I heard through the police she was married," she said.

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