Grieving partner of ‘Hackney boy’ Wayne Powell still searching for answers six months after shooting

“I don’t want him to be another black guy that was shot”, says Anne

Wayne Powell, 39, was gunned down in Chingford in July last year. But six months on police are yet to solve the crime.

Mr Powell’s partner Anne Boriel, who was five months pregnant with his child at the time, returned to Hackney where he grew up this week.

She spoke of her heartbreak, her search for answers and her determination not to let the father of five become “another statistic”.

“He was really outgoing, a loveable person,” said Anne.

“He was hard working. He had never been in any trouble.”

“People look at you and say it must’ve been drugs or gangs. No, it wasn’t.”

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Mr Powell was sitting in a black BMW in Higham Station Avenue, Chingford, shortly before 11.15pm on July 5 when a lone gunman walked up to his car, police believe.

He started to run away but the attacker fired at him before making off. He died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Mr Powell, who grew up in Kyverdale Road, Stamford Hill, would have celebrated turning 40 on December 23.

Instead, his grieving family were still left with unanswered questions. His three-month-old son Wayne, will never know his father.

“I can’t come to terms with it. I do not want him to become another black guy that was shot,” said Anne, of the Stonebridge Estate, Seven Sisters.

“When I pick up the baby, I can see Wayne and know he will never have a chance to kick a football or play in the park with his father.”

She said she believed someone still had information about the shooting and begged them to come forward.

“This is what I have to get to the bottom of before I can get closure - not closure on Wayne because I will never get that - but closure on why this happened.”

Mr Powell spent all of his life in Hackney until moving to Seven Sisters with Anne a decade ago. He went to Southwold Primary School in Detmold Road and started working at 16, straight after leaving Hackney Downs School.

He was a radio DJ, a fitness fanatic and spent much of his time at a barber shop in Upper Clapton.

“He had the same character right through his life - very classic, very calm,” said his best friend, also Wayne, who asked not to be identified due to concerns for his own family. The pair grew up in Hackney together.

“He was always ambitious and loved his social networking,” he said.

“To lose a best friend you have been close to for 30 years in indescribable.”

Det Chief Insp John Crossley, of the Met’s Trident unit, said there was no evidence to indicate that Mr Powell was directly involved in any criminal activity. Officers have so far arrested three people who have been released on bail pending further enquiries

“At the moment I have an open mind as to why this has happened to him. “Anyone with any information in connection with Wayne or anyone who can shed light on the situation should contact the incident room on 0208 733 4212.”