Hackney Apprentice winner Tim Campbell’s new memory software lets users live on digitally after death

Winner of the first series of the British Apprentice and Hackney businessman Tim Campbell MBE. Picture: Iternal Life

Winner of the first series of the British Apprentice and Hackney businessman Tim Campbell MBE. Picture: Iternal Life - Credit: Iternal Life

A Hackney businessman and winner of The Apprentice has launched a new tech brand to help people store memories and share life stories with loved ones after they pass away.

Iternal Life is a new memory sharing site founded by 2005 British Apprentice winner Tim Campbell MBE and Paul Wiseall.

Tim, winner of the first series of the British reality talent show originally produced and hosted in America by president Donald Trump, said: “We created Iternal Life as a number of our team had suffered the loss of close family members. What really hit home was how little they knew about their relative’s lives. Where they were born, where their first date was, where their best holiday was.

“These are all facts that were unknown and gone forever.”

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The memory storage platform gives people the chance to create and share their most personal memories safely, securely and with full control over who has access to them.

The company says members will be able to store memories using voice notes, images and text forever and, unlike many social media platforms, Iternal is not public - so privacy is at the heart of it’s software development.

Users will also be able to use a personal time capsule function to schedule emails for the future.

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The co-founder added: “2020 has been a year, more than any other, that really highlighted the importance of people around us and not taking for granted how important our loved ones’ memories are.

“We wanted to create the world’s largest virtual ‘scrapbook’ for everyone, so that no one would have to worry about being forgotten or recalling precious memories of those they care about.”

The company is currently constructing an artificial intelligence (AI) function in the form of a chatbot which will ask questions about users to record memories, so that they can live on digitally.

“[The aim] is to use technology to augment how we’re remembered and to allow someone to create an accurate version of themselves to live on and interact with their descendants,” said The Apprentice winner.

Tim grew up in Hackney and says living in such a “diverse” and “vibrant” borough has “moulded” him , professionally and personally.

He told the Gazette: “Whether it was buying my first ever record from a shop in Mare Street, my brother’s beautiful wedding at the Town Hall, watching Kat at the great theatre or working with the Mayor of Hackney at the time to launch the first every Business Borough, all of my memories of Hackney are positive ones.”

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But the businessman says that Iternal was not just created for people looking to be remembered: “We want sons, daughters and relatives to use this as a tool to start speaking to their loved ones whilst they are able to and to begin learning more about those around them. We hope this will be a tool that not only creates legacies but also starts conversations.”

Learn more about Iternal Life which launched on November 11 at www.iternal.life