Hackney band begin their bid for Eurovision glory

Two Hackney musicians have set out on a quest for Eurovision glory.

Singer-songwriter Ed Payne, from Stoke Newington, and Finsbury Park DJ Martin Malczewski have submitted their song, called Lose Control, to the BBC, who will select the UK’s Eurovision 2013 entry.

But they will have to wait until the autumn to find out if it will go to the competition in Stokholm next year. They formed their band, The Marquis is Bad, a year ago and have so far released one track on Spotify and played local gigs.

Martin, whose stage Sarah Ingrams is DJ Nu-Fu, said their entry is a dance track: “We write house music normally so this is a more commercialised track.

“I’m very happy with it and we are looking for any support from people to get us better known.”

Ed, a trained actor for whom music has always been a hobby, said: “I was in Sweden when they won Eurovision this year and that inspired me. I love Eurovision and my friends have always said that I would be really good to write the Eurovision song.

“I thought let’s do it this year and we happened to be writing a decent pop song at the time.

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He added: “I think Eurovision has a lot more credibility nowadays. It was a poisoned chalice in the past. People who performed there had just one hit.

“But I think if there is a song out there that people would buy and that gets up the charts they would be proud to see it represented in the contest.

“I think we have a really good chance. The only obstacle would be if they want someone who is already a recording artist and in the charts.

“I would love to fly the flag for our country.”

To listen to the track visit http://soundcloud.com/nu-fu