Hackney best friends will go head-to-head at BAFTAs

THREE best friends are now guaranteed a BAFTA between them, after all being nominated for the category of short animation.

The young animation artists, two of which are from Hackney and one from neighbouring Haringey, are the only nominees in the category and have vowed not to let friendly rivalry get in the way of their big day.

Talented artists David Prosser, 25, of Hackney Wick, Michael Please, 26, of Clapton, and Matthias Hoegg, 27, of Haringey, were ecstatic after being nominated for the prestigious award on Tuesday, with David having double reason to celebrate the announcement on his birthday.

The trio studied at the Royal College of Arts together, with David admitting they all have a “playfully dark” theme to their nominated films.

David, who was nominated for his film Matter Fisher, told the Gazette: “I felt absolute euphoria when I found out. It’s quite surreal for us all to be good friends and be nominated. But at least it means one of us will get it.”

He admitted his next worry will now be finding a suit to wear at the red carpet event.

“I’m going to have to rent something and get a haircut,” he said, jokingly adding: “I hope we get a goodie bag.”

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Michael, who was nominated for his film The Eagleman Stag, is currently at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah screening his work. He posted on his website this week: “What the devil. Two of my bestest friends Dave and Matthais and myself have been nominated for the BAFTA short animation award. We all made our films over the same few months in the same building, sort of, at the RCA. There must have been something in the water....”

To view trailers of the films, visit the artists’ websites: