Hackney buttocks op death girl YouTube video

Video shows tragic Claudia boosting her bottom with a pillow.

A HACKNEY woman who died getting bottom implants posted a film of herself with a pillow down her trousers to make her behind bigger.

Claudia Aderotini, 20, of Geffrye Court, Hoxton, also known as Claudiyah Carmell and Clauidyah James, is seen joking around with friend Theresa Roshay on the Youtube video where they are both dancing to hip hop artist Soulja Boy.

The pair pull scarves from around their waste to reveal their artificially rotund behinds and begin laughing as they dance.

The video is a tragic reminder of Claudia’s untimely death, coming as it did through her attempt to increase the size and curve of her behind.

Claudia died on Tuesday after suffering chest pains and having a heart attack just as the procedure finished.

Police in America are currently trying to trace the person who injected Claudia.

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To see the video follow the link above on the right.