Hackney cabbie learns “the knowledge” in Bermuda

Hoxton man goes on all-expenses paid trip to promote the island

A Hackney cabbie went to learn “the knowledge” in Bermuda on an all-expenses paid trip.

Mark Williams from Charles Square in Hoxton has been driving a bright pink cab promoting Bermuda for the past six months, and will now be able to give his customers first hand info about the island.

He was chosen along with six other cabbies for trip financed by the Bermuda Department of Tourism, to promote tourism to the British overseas territory, which is located off the United States’ east coast.

Bermudian taxi drivers took our London cabbies to the pink sand beaches the island is famous for, and then on to play golf on one of its seven championship courses.

“Driving a bright pink cab always causes a stir, and customers are always asking questions about it, so now I’ll be able to tell them all about the island,” said Mark.

“Bermuda was an absolutely beautiful country and the golf courses out there are just a different class, with incredible views.”