Hackney City Farm to build £13,000 woodland pavillion out of Tetra-pak cartons

Volunteers making Tetra tiles at City Farm

Volunteers making Tetra tiles at City Farm - Credit: caroline baker

Hackney City Farm has been given over £13,000 to build an open air pavilion in the woodland which backs onto Haggerston Park.

The hexagonal open-sided hut will be dubbed Woodland Place, and will be made from recycled or sustainable timber and a “Tetra tiles” roof, made from recycled one-litre Tetra-pak cartons.

Architect Sarah Bland has predicted a life expectancy of up to five years with the “unique” roofing.

The pavilion will be used to hold workshops like bread making, foraging and meditation classes.

The £13,426 grant came from the grant-giving charity Postcode Local Trust.

A spokesperson for the farm said: “We expect the place - the wood, the walking area around the pavilion and being in nature, as opposed to the farmyard with chickens or the field for goats, will provide a way for people to get together outdoors and enjoy sense of well being in natural surroundings.”

Ms Bland will give a presentation on Saturday from 1pm to 3.30pm and people can get a chance to make “Tetra Tiles”.