Hackney.co.uk web address up for auction

For the first time since they were launched, domain names Hackney.co.uk and Hackney.uk went up for sale, being bought for thousands of pounds at an auction which ended last Sunday.

The auction for the coveted web addresses were live on Domainlore.uk and the final bid was for £3,100.

Robert Rickets of web name registration service Web Consultancy said: “You have rights to a name for two years and after that there is a 90-day period where you can renew it.

“It could well be that this person registered for the names and forgot, are now trying to get a very high price for them or just passed away.

“It is really strange that such a prominent London address would come up, or indeed, any London address.”

The site now appears to be re-listed on domain name seller sedo.com.

Hackney enthusiasts or those wishing to invest in such a rare online asset can get information by typing hackney.co.uk into the address bar of their web browsers.