Hackney Coucil postpones nightclub clampdown

New late-night club licences will be harder to get under Hackney Council's plans (Picture: Dalston S

New late-night club licences will be harder to get under Hackney Council's plans (Picture: Dalston Superstore) - Credit: Archant

Controversial proposals by Hackney Council to clamp down on new bars, clubs and night venues in the area has been postponed after a “minor error” was noticed in the policy draft.

In a statement released on Tuesday the council announced that the consultation, which was due to run until next week, will now take place next year.

Cllr Emma Plouviez, Licensing Chair of Hackney Council said: “Hackney’s creative and night time economy is famous worldwide and brings valuable investment and employment into the borough, but first and foremost Hackney is a place for people to live.”

“Balancing the needs of the night time economy with the rights of our residents to live in a peaceful and safe environment is one of the biggest challenges facing our borough.”

The statement announced the council’s intention to launch “a high-profile public debate” on the borough’s nightlife.

The council will be re-adopting its existing licensing police, which had been due to expire in January 2016.

The We Love Hackney campaign, which opposes these plans, has over 4000 residents signed up to their campaign, making them the largest resident group in Hackney.

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A We Love Hackney Spokesperson said: “We are pleased Hackney has withdrawn this consultation. 1980s opening times would damage Hackney’s thriving economy and unique culture.”

“But, with a new consultation due next year, these plans are still on the table and the Hackney we know and love remains under threat. The council need to listen to the thousands of local residents who passionately believe that Hackney’s vibrant and diverse nightlife is exactly what makes the borough such a great place to live.”

According to the Spokesperson “about 1000” people turned out to the campaigns We Love Hackney event at Dinerama, in Great Eastern Street, on Wednesday night.

The group has previously been described as a “pro-booze” campaign by residents groups backing Hackney Council, including the Shoreditch Community Association which dubbed the group’s message “misleading scaremongering”.

A We Love Hackney Spokesperson said: “We are pro-creativity, pro-jobs, pro-culture, pro-investment and pro-Hackney.

“And we don’t have a problem with people having a drink and enjoying a dance.

“Thousands of local people have got on board with the “We Love Hackney” campaign, making us one of the largest residents groups in the borough. Many of our supporters are younger people whose voices too often go unheard.”