Hackney Council acknowledges Olympics will have an “exceptional impact” on roads

Hackney Council is urging local businesses to plan well ahead of this summer’s Games to ensure their deliveries keep disturbance to residents at a minimum.

The council has acknowledged the Olympics and Paralympics which run from July 21 to September 14 will have an “exceptional impact” on roads networks in the borough. Congestion and temporary restrictions mean there is likely to be an increase in deliveries to shops, pubs, offices, hotels and restaurants out of normal operating hours.

Some roads in the borough will only be open from midnight to 6am.

A council spokesman said: “The Council understands that Games time will have an exceptional impact on the operation of road networks in the borough, and understands that some businesses will need to make and accept deliveries outside normal working hours.

“We recognise that business deliveries during Games time will be challenging and we understand that a balance must be struck between ensuring businesses can operate and making sure that noise which may disturb residents is kept as low as possible.”

The council want businesses to work with their suppliers now to work out how to manage deliveries during this time.

The council is supporting official guidelines published by Transport for London this month which gives practical tips to minimise disruption to residents during night-time deliveries.

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Staff making or receiving business deliveries at night are advised to avoid whistling, shouting or sounding their horn.