Hackney Council appeals for unwanted toys for underprivileged kids - as well as the environment

Hackney Council is appealing for toy donations in the New Year

Hackney Council is appealing for toy donations in the New Year - Credit: coucil

Hackney Council is appealing for unwanted toys that are clogging up cupboards to give to less privileged children – which they say will not only help de-clutter homes, but ensure toys are put to good use rather than in the bin.

The Hackney Toy Gift Appeal 2019 run in partnership with the Forest Recycling Project, will see collections at Hackney’s seven libraries from January 3 until January 23.

Last year, the scheme collected over 1,500 toys worth more than £5,500.

Toys were donated to Homerton Hope for children receiving hospital treatment, the Rehabilitation Company for children with parents on probation and in children’s centres across Hackney.

It is estimated that 13m toys in perfectly good condition and 8.5m new toys end up as waste each year.

This has big implications for the environment, from plastic waste to greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing and shipping toys around the world.

The council’s eco chief Cllr Jon Burke said: “Christmas is a hugely special time for children, but sadly also a time when concern for the environment is at the back of many people’s minds. This can lead to toys being needlessly thrown away while other children go without.

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“Christmas is a time of giving, but those things we give don’t have to be new. Santa has been asked only to give pre-loved toys to my children this year, and we’ll be donating our unused ones to the appeal. Keeping toys in circulation is good for kids and our planet, which is struggling to cope with our approach to waste and this will be great bonus for families after the festive season.”