Hackney Council climbs down after parking blunder

Hackney Council was forced to climb down and apologise this week after De Beauvoir residents’ cars were ticketed and at least one towed away when parking was suspended with just a few hours’ notice.

Parking bays were suspended in De Beauvoir Square and Hertford Road on Tuesday January 15 to allow white lines to be painted on the road.

Many residents contacted De Beauvoir councillor Tom Ebbutt the following day, who was able to step in and vouch the signs had been put up less than 24 hours before the suspension began, as he had been in the vicinity himself that day.

The tickets have now been cancelled in cases where the council felt the PCN was issued because the permit holder was not given adequate notice.

A council spokeswoman said: “It is the council’s policy to give motorist three days notice prior to a suspension where possible. We do not consider one day’s notice as acceptable.

“That is why we upheld Cllr Ebbutt’s complaint, apologised to him and cancelled the Penalty Charge Notice.”