Hackney Council spells out new charge for hypnotists in budget cuts

Uri Gellar with his famous bent spoon. Picture: EMPICS/Suzan Moore

Uri Gellar with his famous bent spoon. Picture: EMPICS/Suzan Moore - Credit: EMPICS Entertainment

Hypnotists and people who still rent CDs from libraries will have to start paying for the privilege under Hackney Council’s £13.8m budget cuts.

The town hall has introduced a range of new costs to come in from April as it looks to offset the impact of the government’s austerity measures.

Anyone wanting to host a hypnotism show on a stage must now pay a licence charge of £98.

And a CD rental for up to two weeks will now set you back 50p, as will reserving a book from any of the borough’s libraries. The maximum fine for late returns is also going up, from £6 to £8.

Elsewhere, a memorial bench in a green space will now cost £1,150, and a memorial tree is £682.

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Anyone caught not picking up their dog’s mess will also now be hit with an £80 fine, or £50 if they shell out early.

The town hall will also stand to rake in plenty of money from a new charge on Temporary Event Notices – used regularly by venues wanting to sell booze or open late for one-off events.

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The changes are set to be rubber stamped at tonight’s town hall budget meeting.

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