Hackney Council to install double yellows after parking zone chaos in Lower Clapton

The parking zones elsewhere have left Chatsworth Road feeling the brunt of it. Picture: Adam Neilson

The parking zones elsewhere have left Chatsworth Road feeling the brunt of it. Picture: Adam Neilson. - Credit: Archant

Hackney Council is being forced to paint emergency double yellow lines following parking zone chaos that saw an ambulance unable to get down Chatsworth Road.

Last month 13 roads in the Clapton Pond area closed to non-resident parking. But six didn’t – and with people now parking in those roads instead, they are feeling the strain.

“Parking has always been a problem in the area, but the chaos unleashed since the rezone has been too much,” said Adam Neilson, of Chatsworth Road, where people have started parking on both sides of the road, effectively turning it into a single lane.

“The rezone happened just before Christmas, so the effect has only become evident now people are back to work. There have been plenty of heated arguments, drivers having to get out of their cars to help others through, beeping, shouting.

“I reached breaking point when I saw an ambulance trying to drive down with its blue lights flashing, before having to reverse all the way back so it could find a different route.”

Buses have been affected too, with TfL tweeting on January 6: “Route 308 is running to and from Millfields Road and unable to serve Chatsworth Road due to parked cars blocking the road.”

Some residents also voiced concerns about pollution. “Because of the congestion, there’s been a lot of concentrated air pollution from vehicles adjacent to Millfields Park,” said Ian Jarrold of Powerscroft Road, “As a father of a young son, this is of great concern.”

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Transport boss Cllr Feryal Demirci told the Gazette: “We are aware of the traffic issues on Chatsworth Road and will be introducing double yellow lines on the eastern side between Millfields Road and Lea Bridge Road to improve traffic flow. This is being undertaken as emergency works and is expected to be in place by Wednesday.”

For locals, this won’t solve the whole problem: “This will cure the log jam of the traffic,” said Neilson, “But it won’t resolve the parking nightmare for us and other residents.”

Cllr Demirci said another consultation was under way with those streets that previously rejected the permit scheme: “If controls are supported, residents and businesses will be able to buy permits from April 2017 with controls being introduced in May 2017.”