Hackney council van knocks down garden wall

The photo shows the aftermath of an acciident involving a Hackney council van and a Clapton resident

The photo shows the aftermath of an acciident involving a Hackney council van and a Clapton resident's garden wall. - Credit: Archant

Hackney Council has launched an investigation after a van belonging to the authority knocked down a resident’s garden wall on Saturday.

The vehicle, which is understood to have been unmanned at the time rolled approximately 100 metres down the road before hitting the wall in Powerscroft Road in Clapton.

The resident was not at home when the incident occurred.

Neighbour Oliver Glackin said: “It careered into the front garden wall of one of the houses resulting in it being demolished. I wasn’t at home at the time of the crash and the first I knew of it was when I saw the aftermath and others explained to me what happened.

“My neighbours’ were surprised, bemused and concerned, especially for our neighbour whose house was hit. It’s noticeable that the council’s vans seem to be driving more carefully and slowly down the road now, which is reassuring. Accidents do happen, but it’s easy to imagine how this could have been much worse – how the van didn’t hit another vehicle or worse a pedestrian is down to mere luck. It’s a salutary reminder to all drivers how careful they need to be and what can happen when they’re not. I just hope the lessons are learnt by everyone involved. I also hope my neighbours are properly compensated.”

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A council spokesman said: “We received a report of a minor accident from one of our drivers and we are currently conducting an investigation into the cause.

“We have notified our insurers, photographed the scene and will work with the occupier to help repair any damage caused.”

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