Hackney Council wants to remove parking spaces and install cycle track in ‘dangerous’ Stamford Hill road

West Bank in Stamford Hill. Picture: Google Maps

West Bank in Stamford Hill. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Parking spaces in a Stamford Hill road where aggressive drivers tailgate cyclists could be removed to make way for a protected bike track, Hackney Council has announced.

The town hall has launched a consultation on the plans as it looks to improve the environment for cycling on the CS1 route in West Bank, between Amhurst Park and Dunsmure Road.

To make way for the lane, parking spaces on the eastern side of the narrow road would be removed.

People have reported the road for its high volume of vehicles and say it is difficult to negotiate. The town hall says cyclists travelling northbound are often tailgated aggressively by drivers trying to pass where there is no space.

And those cycling southbound have to avoid oncoming vehicles travelling at relatively high speeds for the road, and are in danger of being hit.

The council say the track would reduce danger and the number of accidents and result in less anti-social behaviour in the form of bad parking and dangerous driving manoeuvres, as well as improving air quality.

The plans would see the track protected from motor vehicles by “armadillos” – or blocks. Overhanging branches next to the rail track will be trimmed and the kerb extension at the junction with Dunsmure Road will be removed.

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As part of its “liveable neighbourhoods plan”, the council says streets like West Bank need to be reclaimed from parked vehicles and traffic jams.

“This can only be achieved by reducing the dominance of the private vehicle,” the consultation states. “Poor air quality resulting from vehicle emissions is finally being recognised for the damage it inflicts upon the health of the city with nearly 10,000 Londoners dying early every year as a result.

“Even more disturbing is the direct impact it is having on our children’s health with evidence proving it is directly responsible for alarming rates of asthma and other respiratory illnesses in our school.”

To respond, visit consultation.hackney.gov.uk or call 0208 356 2897.