Hackney councillor gets earful from angry drag queen

A Hackney councillor was faced with a furious drag queen throwing a diva-style “hissy fit” in an early morning showdown on the streets of Stoke Newington last week.

Miguel Diaz – who performs as Lady Imelda in his drag act – says heavy lorries delivering to a construction site near his home are disturbing his much- needed sleep and as a result affecting his livelihood,

He lives opposite the entrance to Horizon Special Needs School, which is being redeveloped.

He is up in arms that lorries arrive before the legally permitted start time of 8am and park outside his bedroom in Prince George Road, leaving their engines running and honking their horns while he is trying to sleep.

He blew his top with ward councillor Rita Krishna on Monday, blaming her for not ensuring contractors stick to the permitted working hours.

He said he told her over a month ago breaches were happening but felt his polite approach wasn’t working.

He finally flipped his lid when lorries turned up at 7am after a night performing three gigs in Brighton, Portsmouth and Plymouth.

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As cabinet member for children’s services, Ms Krishna sits on the board of the Learning Trust and helped push through the development.

Panic attacks

“I am suffering, my welfare is being taken away from me, my livelihood is being taken away from me,” said Mr Diaz, who was born in the Philippines.

“I couldn’t work last Monday because I was having panic attacks because I couldn’t sleep. I have to be in the right frame of mind to perform on stage in a live show for two hours, but I had that feeling that I didn’t want to see anyone,” he explained.

“I was angry I couldn’t work that night and I lost a lot of money, I don’t work for peanuts,” he added.

Ms Krishna has now contacted the construction project manager and asked that trucks waiting to access the site remain on an adjacent street, with their engines switched off.

Council officers will visit to make sure guidelines are being followed.

“The way it was handled by the council was out of order,” said Mr Diaz.

“All Rita could say was ‘you know the school kids’ needs’, but they forgot to realise we live here 24 hours and we have to deal with this.

“They haven’t realised we have children here as well.”