This week 60 years ago: Hackney councils opposed apartheid with South African boycott

The Gazette 60 years ago.

The Gazette 60 years ago. - Credit: Hackney Archives

Hackney and Stoke Newington councils passed a motion boycotting South African goods to protest against the evil of apartheid, this week 60 years ago.

Hackney Council approved the recommendation of the Establishment and General Purposes Committee to boycott South African goods.

Alderman Sherman, chairman of the committee and leader of the council asked: "How can any decent, civilised human being refrain from wanting to take some action against these people who are making the lives of their fellow men the lives of slaves?"

He continued: "South Africa has transported us back to the Middle Ages."

Alderman Leonard Levy, leader of Stoke Newington Council, said: "It is not intended that this should, of its own, have any profound effect in South Africa. But if all authorities of goodwill made similar objections then enough drops might fall on the stone to wear it away."

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