Hackney cyclists rapped for jumping red lights

Hackney cyclists were rapped for jumping red lights as part of a police operation to improve road safety.

Officers nabbed 48 cyclists for offences such as ignoring traffic lights and inconsiderate riding in a two-week crackdown in Dalston and Hoxton.

They were issued with �30 fines or given the option of attending an education event this week.

‘Exchanging Places’, held outside the fire station in Kingsland Road, gave cyclists the chance to climb into the cab of the lorry in order to see just how limited the driver’s view may be.

And practical demonstrations showed cyclists how to avoid a lorry’s blind spot by positioning themselvs correctly in the road.

Sergeant Thomas Lazarou, of Hoxton Safer Neighbourhoods team, said: “It is inevitable that the construction of the Olympics site has led to an increase in haulage vehicles and there is no getting away from the fact that lorries must share the road with cyclists. The safest option for cyclists is to hang back, because you cannot guarantee where the lorry driver’s blind spot will be.”

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