Hackney families join protestors in London against cuts

Young and old join together to speak out against cuts and call for a re-think.

Hackney came out in force to protest in central London against government cuts.

Finsbury Park train station was the starting point for the group of 20-odd campaigners desperate to have their voice heard.

The group of children, parents and teachers joined an estimated 250,000 other protestors on Saturday March 26 campaigning against swingeing cuts enforced by the coalition government.

Molly Mulready-Jones, one of the protestors, said: “We are a group of families from Hackney who went on the march to show our opposition to the Tory/Lib Dem government’s plans to cut the funding to so many essential public services and to turn this country into one where it is every man for himself, to sink or swim in accordance with the level of privilege they were born into.

“Our children carried banners saying ‘stop stealing our future’ and ‘don’t take away our dreams’ because their dreams don’t include a country that is massively polarised, where if you want a decent education you have to be rich enough to buy it from a private school.

“They know there is no future in a country which treats its most vulnerable with such contempt as to cut funding for Alzheimer’s centres, or auction off our NHS to a private company that wants to profit from our illness.

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“We went too because we know there is an alternative. The massive irresponsibility of bankers led to the global economic crash, to people across the world losing their homes and jobs, and yet they are all still wealthy enough to afford second homes, luxury holidays and, of course, private school fees.

“They should be paying for this crisis through increased taxation on their ridiculously large salaries. We saw a banner that said ‘one banker’s bonus would pay a teacher’s salary for 100 years’ - the government has the power to change this, but it doesn’t. Instead, it cuts funding to schools and lets the bankers keep their bonuses.

“Our experience on the demonstration was lovely, family friendly and totally peaceful. We know one demonstration won’t turn Tories into responsible compassionate members of society though, and so we are prepared to go on many many more.”