Hackney family’s joy at Christmas baby boy

Proud Dad wants to call his son Jesus

A FAMILY are celebrating getting a very special Christmas present indeed – a son born on Christmas Day.

Natalie and Hugh Bennett’s little boy, who has yet to be named, was due on Christmas Eve but decided not to make his entrance into Homerton Hospital, in Homerton Row until the big day itself.

His proud mother, 33, of Glyn Road, Hackney, said: “I didn’t want that to happen, I wanted him out. I was in labour from 7.30am on Christmas Eve. But his Dad said no, he’s going to be a Christmas baby and he was right. I’m still in shock.”

Baby Bennett, the youngest of five children, was helped out by his eldest brother, Shaquille, 16, who cut the umbilical cord, and grandmother, who gave moral support.

But once he arrived, at 5.10am, he soon became a celebrity for a day as word spread that the hospital had a Christmas baby.

Mrs Bennett added: “There were lots of medics coming in, they were very excited, they said he was the only baby born on Christmas Day at the hospital.

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“The staff were really excellent. I had to go up there the next day and bring a thank-you card. Cheryl Smith the midwife and Joanna, the doctor were both brilliant, they were very supportive and everything.

“I’ve had five children and this was the first time I’ve felt overwhelmed.”

Mr Bennett, 40, has suggested his latest child be called Jesus, and many of the couple’s friends and family have also suggested a religious name would suit.

Mrs Bennett, who is a Church of England Christian, said they would probably name him “something biblical”.