Hackney family star in BAFTA winning Channel Four documentary

The Family hit the screens.

A HACKNEY family are readying themselves for stardom after being plucked from obscurity to take the lead role in a BAFTA-winning television documentary.

The Adesinas, of Upper Clapton, made their TV debut on Channel Four’s The Family last night and will be on our screens every week for the next two months.

Cameras have been installed in all rooms of the family-of-six’s home to capture the day-to-day dramas of the Hackney clan.

Parents Vicky and Sunday are described by Channel Four as ‘traditional Nigerian parents with strong views on God, love and family values, with four British-born children from 15 - 27, all living at home’.

Sunday and Vicky have been married for 30 years and while they are keen to see their children married and financially stable, the younger generation have other priorities, preferring rapping, video games and football. It is the first time the whole family has lived together for six years and the producers anticipate Vicky and Sunday’s “old-fashioned ways” to clash with the lifestyles of their children; Ayo, 27, Julie, 25, Olu, 23, and Ola, 15.

Both parents are aware of the influence the two different cultures have on their children.

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“None of them can speak our language properly,” says Sunday.

“We regret not having talked to them in our language when they were young.”

Wife Vicky acknowledges British society “has a really big impact on them”, but is keen to ensure her children don’t forget their heritage: “I always tell them not to forget their roots, and I think they work on that. They are Nigerian enough.”

The cameras will follow the family as they contend with work, birthday celebrations, love-life revelations and the tensions that arise between two different generations and two very different cultures.

The Adesinas were chosen after a researcher went into their restaurant, Aso Rock in Hoxton Street, and asked if they would like to take part.

The family jumped at the chance and now find themselves welcoming the whole of the UK into their home.