Hackney fire station one of 17 in London earmarked for closure according to Twitter leaked document

A leaked memo has shown Kingsland Road fire station could be earmarked for closure as the London Fire Brigade looks for ways to save money.

The station on the junction with Downham Road, Haggerston, was one of 17 stations on a list leaked on social networking site Twitter by investigative journalist Adam Bienkov.

“Boris’s fire chief James Cleverly claims that “there is no list of stations earmarked for closure.” Here’s the list,” Bienkov tweeted on Thursday.

Mr Cleverly replied it was not “the list” but “one of a large number of options.”

Jennette Arnold OBE, Assembly Member for North East London, said she was “furious” and would “fight the plans tooth and nail”.

“I am particularly angry at the slap dash way in which these cuts are being proposed, with no account taken of local circumstances,” she said.

“My constituency includes some of the most populous areas in London where emergency service demand is high.

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“Whilst savings have to be made, these should not be at the expense of frontline fire cover.

“The cuts are too far and too fast.”

A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade (LFB) said the leaked document is an example of how they might save “a certain amount of money”.

“It’s just speculation at this stage, at the moment we don’t know how much money we need to save and how many fire stations we need to close depends on that,” he added.

The LFB’s funding comes from the London Mayor’s precept from council tax as well as a grant from central government via the Mayor.

They will find out the extent of the cuts in December and will present their proposals in January.

City Hall spokeswoman said they are waiting for formal proposals to be presented to the Mayor as to what savings the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority board want to make.

“We don’t comment on hypotheticals as to a list that was leaked,” she said.