Gazette letters: Edmonton incinerator, a poem for Musa and a council by-election

Parents and children from the Stop the Edmonton Incinerator Rebuild campaign. Picture: STOP THE EDMO

Parents and children from the Stop the Edmonton Incinerator Rebuild campaign. Picture: STOP THE EDMONTON REBUILD CAMPAIGN - Credit: Stop the Edmonton Incinerator Re

I am writing in response to your Editor’s Comment piece of July 25, 2019, “Big plans to burn half our rubbish”writes Cllr Clyde Loakes, chairman, North London Waste Authority (NLWA):

I would like to highlight the work North London Waste Authority is doing to advance the future of waste management in north London - to provide a better service for residents and for the environment.

A key focus for the authority throughout planning for this vital project was to consult the community on our plans.

We ran two stages of consultation during November 2014 and May 2015 where we leafleted 28,000 homes and business near this site, provided 15 separate opportunities for residents to meet the project team, attended local community groups, held roadshows and provided information through local media, libraries and adverts in local train stations.

Engagement with the local community continued beyond this period and we update residents on our progress through newsletters, social media and information available on our website.

You're right that we have been increasing our activity to help residents reduce waste and recycle more in recent years because it is in all our best interests to prevent waste - saving money and tackling the Climate Emergency.

The authority has been committed to this for over 10 years - reducing waste by 10,000 tonnes each year. Our planning for the new facility relies on boroughs achieving a 50 per cent recycling target when all are currently in the 20s and 30s percentage area, and also takes into account the huge growth in housing over the coming years in these boroughs.

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We hope there are many others who share your views that we need to produce far less waste.

Everyone - manufacturers, residents and the government - needs to do their bit. We agree that producers need to be held to account for the packaging they produce. On two recent occasions we have actively called on the government to a) reform the UK producer packaging system and b) allow for enforcement of compulsory recycling as the current "voluntary" approach is simply no longer viable in a Climate Emergency setting.

However, there is still household waste that needs to be dealt with. Failure to replace the current plant at Edmonton would mean more waste going to landfill, resulting in 140,000 additional tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year, more land required, and higher costs to local authorities and ultimately residents.

This project reflects both our concern for the environment and the north London community.

It will enable us to generate low carbon energy from waste which can heat and power up to 127,000 homes, more than all those in Hackney.

We are delivering the first facility in the UK to clean emissions with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology to remove nitrogen oxide. This helps us operate 60pc better than the Environment Agency's required safe standards.

Since the government approved our proposal there has been significant work to prepare for construction in order to deliver this important community asset for north London safely, on time and on budget.

RiverDeep, full contact details supplied, wrote this poem following the death of Musa a homeless man who spent months living in a Stoke Newington bus stop:

As another homeless person dies on the street

In the borough of Hackney

We are told it is chic

The new place to know

Were everybody goes

Yet they walked past this man

As his body froze

At the point of his death

The media say they're bereft

Yet for the gentrification

He would of had an address

So we can't wait

Until another one dies

It will hit the news again

And they will surmise

What is wrong with the world

And continue to disguise

That the house they live in

Is the same gentrified

House round the corner

That led to his demise

I voted for Jeremy Hunt after a lot of careful thought, writes Christopher Sills, Dunsmure Road, Stamford Hill.

Both had strengths and weaknesses. In the end the deciding factor was the Seven Sisters Road which Boris Johnson supported as mayor and which I opposed at the time.

It has not happened and I still believe it is wrong.

I believe Boris will make a great prime minister and he has my 100per cent support.

I think that May's legacy ought to be her support for improving mental health services.

I remember the first meeting of the Health Scrutiny Commission after the 2017 general election and the sheer delight that she made improving mental health services a major issue in the campaign. Whatever happens it will remain a major political issue.

Like the European Union Hackney Council never learns and once again it has been beaten because the people of Stamford Hill do not want controlled parking. Please do not waste any more council taxpayers' money on any more futile consultations.

June 21 was a hot day and I missed my bus because I bought a Magnum.

The result was that I met a 26-year-girl with a rare illness (not cancer). Up to about 2015, all anyone could do was keep her comfortable until the inevitable end.

It is so sad as she is such a nice girl with great potential.

The good news is she is now in remission thanks to modern medicine and there is no reason why she shouldn't start repaying the taxpayer some of the money that she must cost us by doing something useful.

What has struck me is the reluctance of officials of both the health service and the council to help her in case they encourage her to do too much and get sued if it goes wrong.

It is an attitude that I am determined to change. I will start if I am re-elected to the council of governors of the Homerton in September.

She has joined the Conservative Party and the officers are determined to do everything we can to help her.

She will be standing for the council in 2022 although, if a by-election happens, it is possible that she could be on the council by Christmas.